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VA – Cold Spring Collection [Cold Breath]

VA – Cold Spring Collection
Raven Kaafarani - Beside You (Original Mix)
Indigo-S - Endless Summer (Fake Truth Remix)
Katrin Souza - Summer Night (Techno Phobia Remix)
Alexei Scutari, Katrin Souza - Down the River (Original Mix)
Davide Catania - Lazy Sunday (Original Mix)
Tom Strobe - Calling Back (ELGans Remix)
Ludoweird - Gap (Original Mix)
Raven Kaafarani - I Believe in Love (Original Mix)
Beyondway - Alpha Centauri (Vince Forwards)
Pavel Denisov - Faded (Emily Russell)
Raven Kaafarani - On the Horizon (Original Mix)
Jagin - October (Original Mix)
Beyondway - Feel (Original Mix)
Stas Isometrica - Wake Up (Original Mix)
Stas Isometrica - Home (Jagin Remix)
Brutal Kids, Aline Fly - Stones (Beyondway Remix)
The Rogue Agents - Saphfire (Denis Neve Remix)
Mizuh - Misunderstood (Lanx and Lachure Mystery Forest Mix)
Wavemanx - I Found (Original Mix)
Wavemanx - Love Base (Rocknrolla Mix)
Davide Catania - Forbidden Love (A.Galchenko Remix)
Katrin Souza, Bring Bliss - I Remember (Dmitry Bessonov Remix)
Katrin Souza, Bring Bliss - One Hope for Love (Daga Remix)
Dvorn - Escape (Alex Byrka Remix)
De Astro, Anivia - Memory Line (Katrin Souza & Nomosk Remix)
Alexander Zhakulin - In the Dark (Erida Remix)
Release date: 2017-04-05

Cold Breath

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