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VA – Yod New Year Compilation 2017 [YoD Recordings]

VA – Yod New Year Compilation 2017
krd - Happy Insickness (Original Mix)
Sasha Tiush - Looking Glass (Original Mix)
YoD Ibiza - Lewa 35 (Original Mix)
YoD. Beresnev - Lunar Run (Original Mix)
Neomils - Same Time (Original Mix)
YoD. Beresnev - Phantomalist (Special YoD Production)
RezQ Sound - African Dub (Original Mix)
YoD. Beresnev - Mental Trip (Original Mix)
RezQ Sound, NeoTraffic - Black & White (Original Mix)
RezQ Sound - E-Indians (Special YoD Production)
YoD. Beresnev - Animal (Special YoD Production)
Neomils - Cult (Original Mix)
Overloque - Schwarmer (Original Mix)
RezQ Sound - Oceanman (Special YoD Production)
YoD. Beresnev - Mediatation (Original Mix)
RezQ Sound, YoD. Beresnev - Looking in My Body (Special YoD Production)
YoD Ibiza - Yola (Original Mix)
Solar Shaman - When I Will Leave (Original Mix)
RezQ Sound - Lost Boy (Original Mix)
YoD. Beresnev - Four Walls (Original Mix)
M. Rodriguez - Aura (Original Mix)
t00z - Deep Expression (Original Mix)
YoD. Beresnev - Risegrounder (Original Mix)
RezQ Sound - Plastic Voice (Special YoD Production)
YoD. Beresnev - Midnight Sun (Special YoD Production)
RezQ Sound - Phantom (Special YoD Production)
RezQ Sound - Gamelan (Special YoD Production)
Inbeat - Mythical Siren (Original Mix)
Allan Alks - Flying Whales (Original Mix)
RezQ Sound - Kurast (Original Mix)
RezQ Sound - Vulture (YoD. Beresnev Remix)
M. Rodriguez - Stranger to Yourself (Original Mix)
RezQ Sound, Izzamuzzic - Venera (Original Mix)
NeoTraffic - Docking (Original Mix)
DJ KoT - Faro Swarm (Original Mix)
Overloque - Insomnia (Original Mix)
DJ KoT, Victoria RAY - During Waiting for Dreams (Original Mix)
Overloque - Z (Original Mix)
YoD. Beresnev - Feelend (Original Mix)
YoD. Beresnev - Alter Ego (Original Mix)
Allan Alks - Pale Blue Dot (Original Mix)
RezQ Sound - Theatre of Angels (Special YoD Production)
RezQ Sound - I Belive (Special YoD Production)
RezQ Sound, NeoTraffic - Omnini (Original Mix)
RezQ Sound - Old Man (Special YoD Production)
Overloque - The Journey of the Mind (Original Mix)
Overloque - Hell Bells (RezQ Sound Remix)
DJ KoT - Messaround (Original Mix)
YoD. Beresnev - Trippillion (Special YoD Production)
RezQ Sound - Get It (Special YoD Production)
Release date: 2017-12-29

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